Those Flippin’ Boards!

I don’t know about you but same, same everyday, makes me a completely depressed mess, devoid of any zest for life. Ok; that might be slightly exaggerating the situation, but only slightly! I LOVE change.
Don’t get me wrong, routines are great! Knowing what’s coming up; faaantastic. Having boundaries; bliss.
What I don’t do well is Fish Fridays, Spaghetti Monday’s and Lamb Roast Sunday’s. I can’t do predictable, I can’t do expected and I seriously can’t do what everyone else is doing. (Especially mason jars, I really can’t do those….. and smashed avo, I just won’t do smashed avo……and wooden boards with eggs that end up in my lap, nah, please give me a plate……or chargrilled bacon; there’s a trend that needs a swift kick in the pants. Bacon is supposed to be CRISPY. OK, I’ll stop there. No I won’t; donuts on top of milkshakes; why???…….waffles as burger buns?……….and wild woody inedible rocket garnishing everything?……..ok; I’ll really stop now). Soooo back to topic, where was I? Oh yes; those Flippin’ Boards.
These boards are my biggest joy in the day to day running of The Jam Pantry.
When we were planning all the ins and outs of how we were going to do things, I drew up a plan for my lovely Hugsband for the execution of those boards. I wanted to have the freedom in creating something on a whim, with each seperate special “flipping”, in an instant. We tossed ideas up and settled on the peg design that we now have, which allows me to do just that.
These boards are brilliant! Not just because he built them, but they afford us, as a creative team, to really hone in on hyper-seasonal produce. We endeavour to utilise the produce in such a way that allows you, our gorgeous customer, to see a specific piece of deliciousness in all its’ multi flavoured glory. It’s like opening a Masterchef Mystery Box, only I get to write the list of ingredients and then play with those things to create a board with 11 dishes that are completely flipped by the start of every third weekend. What we end up with, is a result of what is seasonal at the minute, conversations with our creative suppliers, funky things we’re reading, kitchen conversations we’re having and techniques we’re exploring. The thing I love the most is that we give ourselves complete freedom to delve into whatever it is that piques our curiosity. We afford ourselves a license to make mistakes. The most beautiful part is that because we allow ourselves that freedom, mistakes are rarely made, errors are converted into triumphs and every experiment brings us immense satisfaction, allowing us to be at our creative best.
These Flipping’ Boards afford everyone on our team to be continuously learning and growing. This is completely essential in a community of creatives. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram check out #whentheboardsflip for our latest batch of seasonal fun.
We really do love playing with our food!


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