Launch of nimsxx preserves

The “nims xx” range of preserves were recently launched
after 20 odd years of playing in the kitchen!

Our preserves are currently on sale at The Davies Park Markets, West End.

You will also soon be able to purchase them online and we’re looking to stock them in some retail establishments in the future.

Here’s to big dreams and good food.

stawberry & apple jam 8 x 10

Strawberry & Apple Jam

Made using whole strawberries, granny smith apples, lemon zest and sugar.
This jam is perfect spread on scones with cream
& sandwiched in between a vanilla sponge.

It’s not as sweet as a regular conserve because of the right balance of fruit
and is perfect spread thick on your morning toast.

marmajam 5 x 10


There’s more fruit in this jam than jelly.
Oranges have been sliced thinly and soaked overnight to reduce the bitterness.
The rind is perfectly softened and the cheeky addition of whisky,
takes it to another level.

I love this jam on toasted rye with blue cheese, walnuts and rocket.

tomato relish 8 x 10

Tomato Relish

Carraway seeds and perfectly ripe roma tomatoes
add a European feel to this delicious relish.

It’s thick, rich and perfect with avocado and crumbled salty fetta
with lots of pepper on toast.

zucchini & apple relish 8 x 10

Zucchini & Apple Relish

Nice and chunky, with a perfect bruniose of zucchini, apple, onion and capsicum.

Reminiscent of a yellow mustard pickle
and equally as good on a corned beef and cheddar sandwich.

banana chutney 8 x 10

Banana Chutney

Our signature preserve,
chunky rounds of banana with coriander and turmeric.

This chutney is fabulous as a condiment for your curry table,
a perfect partner with bacon and eggs for brekky
and delicious on a ham sandwich toasted with spinach and Jarslberg cheese.

 We hope you enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you!

                                           nims xx

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