Jumping Off Your Cliff

If I’ve learnt anything in this game called life; it’s that there is ALWAYS a safety net when we jump off a cliff and take a risk toward our hearts passion. Believing that the net is there requires faith in the unknown and unseen, particularly when we surround ourselves with safety nets that we create for ourselves and 101 answers to the scary scenarios “just in case”.

We tend to stay with the familiar and contextually normal, but still our hearts cry for more.
We watch others, with their seemingly perfect existences, wishing we could somehow find a way to make our existence a little more………something. The fear of the unknown, the fear of others judgement, the fear of failure keeps us cocooned in what is known.

I believe that everyone has a specific purpose, a specific set of skills and talents and ideas that make us unique. More unique than simply the colour of our eyes or our fingerprints. More unique than how we like to arrange the toaster on our benches or the brand of perfume we wear.
When we pace through life, without acknowledging or exploring who we are and what really makes us unique, when we fail to truly acknowledge ourselves, we disappear.

For some, that looks like medicated depression, for others anger issues. It could be feelings of self hatred without understanding why, feelings of resentment and jealousy toward others who know themselves and have very obviously jumped off their own cliffs.

We owe it to ourselves to be brave. We owe it to our partners, our children, our parents. We owe it to our workmates. Most of all though, with all seriousness, we owe it to ourselves to be brave.
We owe it to ourselves to surrender, to give in to the pull, to give in to the yearning. It’s the only thing that makes us truly come alive! Ironic I know; Jumping off a cliff makes us come alive.
The hardest part is making the decision. The hardest part is giving in. Once you step of it’s easy. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be struggles, there will still be hard decisions to make. The beauty of the jump is that in being true to yourself, things fall into place, the impossible seemingly makes sense, the unseen becomes seen. We’re free. The beauty of the jump is there is ALWAYS a safety net, never of our own doing.

What is it that you’ve been afraid of? What have you talked yourself out of? Start with small jumps to test the waters. You’ll grow in confidence and being true to yourself will become a habit that won’t break easily, but you must jump. We don’t want to miss out on who you really are and the gift lying dormant inside you. Fly.

nims xx

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