It’s cumquat season, but who would know?

I had a very interesting chat with my fruit and veg supplier today. Ok; back story. It’s cumquat season, but you wouldn’t know that it was because there are NO cumquats at the Brisbane Markets. Do you know why there aren’t any? No commercial kitchen or supplier; no food business in fact is buying said cumquats and yet they’re falling off our trees.
I put them on our flip for June, knowing that they’d have peaked. I’ve seen posts from neighbourhood cooks, boasting of their marmalade escapades. Our Southern kitchen cousins are putting them in all sorts of beautiful things and yet here I am, without cumquats.
The thing that saddens me the most about this situation is the fact that the “professionals” in South East Queensland aren’t cooking, or proposing that you eat seasonally. Nobody has aknowledged availability and put on a marmalade, or roasted a few kilos for a special, or thought to pickle them or use them fresh to squeeze on an oyster with a glass of Riesling. We received one 5kg box of cumquats this season, and the market suppliers are refusing to purchase any more because they had stock, and nobody was buying so they were binned. Can you imagine? It’s a crime and not just in Queensland during cumquat season, but EVERYWHERE in every season. We have become so used to buying whatever we want whenever we want and then just not purchasing anything, that produce is binned at an alarming rate; and not just cumquats. Tomatoes get left roadside in Bundaberg during summer because we’re not purchasing in peak season and putting away for the off season. Oranges and Bananas end up in landfill, and then we cry because we can’t get them on demand at the price we want. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I understand that in a lot of ways we’re blind to the seasons. They aren’t as obvious as our southern counterparts, but does it really need to snow and our food supply be cut of because of a blizzard for us to get responsible, plan ahead and cook and eat seasonally?
End of rant. Actually no, if you’re buying strawberries in June, you are a silly person and need me to send you a seasonal eating chart. Seriously! I’ll pop one in the mail if you promise to follow it and eat seasonally.


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  1. Jackie Robertson
    February 21, 2018 at 9:17 am (2 years ago)

    Hi Nims, I’m from the Darling Downs Qld and we definitely see and use produce in their natural seasons. In Qld we are lucky in terms of Strawberries. My local season runs from Nov – May (Stanthorpe) and the Sunshine Coast season runs May – Nov hence Strawberries all year round. However, I only purchase during my own season.

  2. Zoe
    June 19, 2017 at 12:38 pm (3 years ago)

    That is irksome indeed. Our small backyard tree is groaning with them. I have seen them for sale at the Kelvin Grove farmers market on Saturdays – I can ask for supplier info if you’d like?!
    The on-farm wastage of fruit and veg is a travesty, and one that isn’t even visible to consumers.

    • nims
      June 19, 2017 at 3:00 pm (3 years ago)

      Hi Zoe,
      We currently have a #bringusyourexcess campaign at the cafe, and I’d be super happy to relieve you of your cumquats and swap them for jars of preserves off our pantry shelves? Otherwise yes! A word in the farmers ear for me would be appreciated. The cafe number that you are more than welcome to pass on is 3158 9570.
      Thank you so much Zoe.
      nims xx


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