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Pickled Blueberries

Blueberries are so much more than jam and danish. So much more than just sweet.  Don’t get me wrong; they’re wonderful in all their sweet glory but factor in a little savoury burst and suddenly, they have an added level of wow. When writing the menu for our next flip, I’d talked myself through all the obvious blueberry […] Read more…

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Mandarin & Rosemary Marmalade

Mandarins have such a beautiful, fresh scent to them that I’ve often wondered why their oil hasn’t been more widely used for perfume. I love to throw the peeled skins in my bath with epsom salts and dried rose petals, their fragrance putting me in a calm, Nanna’s love place. I adore them in cakes instead of oranges, […] Read more…

carrot marmalade

Carrot Marmalade

Carrots lend themselves beautifully to sweet things, carrot cake being a delicious example. They also make wonderful jam. We have 2 carrot flavours that we make at The Jam Pantry, a jam version of said carrot cake and this delicious marmalade. The gorgeous thing about carrots and marmalade is that the carrots retain a little […] Read more…


Rhubarb Pickle

Rhubarb is one of those things that you completely adore or you hate with a vengeance. I’m in the completely adore camp and would have a tub of stewed rhubarb permanently in my fridge if it grew all season. It’s probably best that it doesn’t because I find myself at the fridge at all hours, secretly spooning […] Read more…

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Rosella Jam

Rosellas remind me of all the completely delicious older women in my family. I have many food memories dappled with Rosella Jam. My Maternal family come from Northern NSW where Devonshire Teas with generous dollops of market bought or Nanna made Rosella Jam were a common seasonal occurrence. Rosella season is very short, so the rush to get our […] Read more…


Miss Muffet’s Ricotta

When Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, you can bet your bottom dollar that her curds and whey were still warm from her hands on Nonnas’ freshly made pot. That silly spider didn’t frighten her away; she was already on high alert because she’d snuck her warm bowl of curds from the pot and […] Read more…

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