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Quinoa Congee

There are so many reasons we soak pulses and legumes. The most practical is a shorter cooking time. People say it releases a sugar found in the skin which in turn gives a softer result or that an enzyme that renders them indigestible can only be broken down on soaking. For others, it’s as simple […] Read more…


Sunday Roast recipe : Porcetta

Is there anything better than a good pork roast? That first bite (and every bite after) of perfectly roasted pork, the crunchy crackle you can hear cracking from a mile away and those delicious juices that make gravy so good you practically drown your spuds and beans in it. Well actually, there IS something better: […] Read more…

thai hoa feature

Thai Hoa: Spectacular Asian Groceries

Michael Nguyen from Thai Hoa Asian Groceries played host to The Jam Pantry kitchen team last Monday. It’s a monthly tradition that we’ve recently established to keep our creative juices flowing and learn about new produce to include in our flipping boards. He was a spectacular host with his knowledge and passion for his produce very evident, making him our latest […] Read more…


Miss Muffet’s Ricotta

When Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, you can bet your bottom dollar that her curds and whey were still warm from her hands on Nonnas’ freshly made pot. That silly spider didn’t frighten her away; she was already on high alert because she’d snuck her warm bowl of curds from the pot and […] Read more…


The Sensual Quince

The romantic legend of the quince goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Because apples were unknown in the ancient world, a quince might well have tempted Eve, and the golden apples of the Hesperides, given to Aphrodite by Paris of Troy, were probably quinces too. This sensual fruit has a Chanel […] Read more…


Table Manners and Etiquette

A thousand years ago the Chinese had an entirely codified kitchen while the French were still gnawing on bones and throwing their rubbish on the floor. Chopsticks have been around since the fourth century B.C. Forks didn’t show up in England until 1611, and even then they weren’t meant for eating but just to hold […] Read more…

bacon icecream

Bacon Ice-Cream; Huzzah!!

I’m hearing; “What?” Yep, that’s right! Bacon plus icecream; read on. I dare you! We currently have a serious addiction to bacon in Brisbane. We’re eating bacon of the streaky kind being glazed with maple syrup and cooked until it’s caramelly goodness threatens to chip a tooth. We’ve consumed bacon of the thick grass-fed, house-cured […] Read more…

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