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A Story of my Love Affair with Food


My Sommerlad Poultry Feast

I devoured a chicken this week and it was no ordinary bird. In my quest to go deeper with my emotional connection to food and it’s meaning, I feel like I’ve stumbled on a little secret. Shirley Harring from Handsourced delivered some truly beautiful birds from Sommerlad Poultry to us last week and enclosed in my order […] Read more…

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Rosella Jam

Rosellas remind me of all the completely delicious older women in my family. I have many food memories dappled with Rosella Jam. My Maternal family come from Northern NSW where Devonshire Teas with generous dollops of market bought or Nanna made Rosella Jam were a common seasonal occurrence. Rosella season is very short, so the rush to get our […] Read more…

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No Churn, No Fuss, BEST EVER Ice-Cream

This ice-cream recipe must be prefaced by a good story as all good recipes should. I have a wonderful friend, a few years my senior who is a total delight. She’s one of those women with a body perfectly made for nurturing and hugs. Dawnie is always smiling, always hospitable, always positive and always accommodating. […] Read more…


Ivy’s Choko

My Nanna was Ivy Maude Downes. I always thought her name was soft and she smelt of sweet peas and strawberries. She was mellifluous. The mind of an 8 year old is a funny thing. Nanna came from the era of scrimping and saving. An era where women had no voice, no vote, no welfare, […] Read more…

plenty donuts

A Lesson from the Doughnut

Doughnuts are very “ on trend” at the moment. Little shops sporting everything from the simple glazed puffs of wonder, to ridiculously overdone morsels filled with the whole lollishop and a syringe of sweet nothings to squeeze in as an afterthought. One of my favourite places of escape in West End has begun making them […] Read more…

strawberry & apple jam

It started with Jam

The smell of simmering jam in my memory is all pervading. When I close my eyes and inhale deeply, I see an old wood fired stove, nestled in the heart of our home in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It has been polished to its’ blackest perfection. The big copper urn atop, constantly on a […] Read more…