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Delicious sweet treats from my Pantry.

carrot marmalade

Carrot Marmalade

Carrots lend themselves beautifully to sweet things, carrot cake being a delicious example. They also make wonderful jam. We have 2 carrot flavours that we make at The Jam Pantry, a jam version of said carrot cake and this delicious marmalade. The gorgeous thing about carrots and marmalade is that the carrots retain a little […] Read more…


Our Basic Pancake Recipe

You’ve probably noticed that we LOVE pancakes at The Jam Pantry. Not ordinary run of the mill pancakes though. Each flip they’re laced with something, filled with something and covered in something else. There are no rules, except one. Maple syrup must ALWAYS be on the side Here’s our recipe scaled down for your own […] Read more…

bacon icecream

Bacon Ice-Cream; Huzzah!!

I’m hearing; “What?” Yep, that’s right! Bacon plus icecream; read on. I dare you! We currently have a serious addiction to bacon in Brisbane. We’re eating bacon of the streaky kind being glazed with maple syrup and cooked until it’s caramelly goodness threatens to chip a tooth. We’ve consumed bacon of the thick grass-fed, house-cured […] Read more…