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My Sommerlad Poultry Feast

I devoured a chicken this week and it was no ordinary bird. In my quest to go deeper with my emotional connection to food and it’s meaning, I feel like I’ve stumbled on a little secret. Shirley Harring from Handsourced delivered some truly beautiful birds from Sommerlad Poultry to us last week and enclosed in my order […] Read more…

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Mandarin & Rosemary Marmalade

Mandarins have such a beautiful, fresh scent to them that I’ve often wondered why their oil hasn’t been more widely used for perfume. I love to throw the peeled skins in my bath with epsom salts and dried rose petals, their fragrance putting me in a calm, Nanna’s love place. I adore them in cakes instead of oranges, […] Read more…


Our Basic Pancake Recipe

You’ve probably noticed that we LOVE pancakes at The Jam Pantry. Not ordinary run of the mill pancakes though. Each flip they’re laced with something, filled with something and covered in something else. There are no rules, except one. Maple syrup must ALWAYS be on the side Here’s our recipe scaled down for your own […] Read more…


Those Flippin’ Boards!

I don’t know about you but same, same everyday, makes me a completely depressed mess, devoid of any zest for life. Ok; that might be slightly exaggerating the situation, but only slightly! I LOVE change. Don’t get me wrong, routines are great! Knowing what’s coming up; faaantastic. Having boundaries; bliss. What I don’t do well is Fish Fridays, […] Read more…

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No Churn, No Fuss, BEST EVER Ice-Cream

This ice-cream recipe must be prefaced by a good story as all good recipes should. I have a wonderful friend, a few years my senior who is a total delight. She’s one of those women with a body perfectly made for nurturing and hugs. Dawnie is always smiling, always hospitable, always positive and always accommodating. […] Read more…

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