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Mandarin & Rosemary Marmalade

Mandarins have such a beautiful, fresh scent to them that I’ve often wondered why their oil hasn’t been more widely used for perfume. I love to throw the peeled skins in my bath with epsom salts and dried rose petals, their fragrance putting me in a calm, Nanna’s love place. I adore them in cakes instead of oranges, […] Read more…

bacon icecream

Bacon Ice-Cream; Huzzah!!

I’m hearing; “What?” Yep, that’s right! Bacon plus icecream; read on. I dare you! We currently have a serious addiction to bacon in Brisbane. We’re eating bacon of the streaky kind being glazed with maple syrup and cooked until it’s caramelly goodness threatens to chip a tooth. We’ve consumed bacon of the thick grass-fed, house-cured […] Read more…