About Nims xx

3 cafes

I began my career as an Apprentice Chef almost 25 years ago and have ALWAYS loved to cook. Every memory I have, revolves around food. It’s an innate part of who I am.

My Husband, Gideon and I stepped into the journey of being cafe owners in 2001, whilst 5 months pregnant with our daughter. We opened Big Brekky in Petersham, Sydney and had people cueing down the length of our building for breakfast.

That first cafe was my University, she not only taught me how to successfully run my own business, but to be me. We sold her and moved to Brisbane with romantic notions of making cheese but the cafe calling proved too strong, and so Comfort at My Table was born in December 2009. The queues grew again, with 300+ people accommodated for Sunday Brunch. Comfort was sold in January of 2014, accompanied by a sending off from Fiona Donelly, Food Editor for “The Courier Mail” and Qld Food Editor for “Gourmet Traveller” who thanked us for helping to pioneer the current food culture in Brisbane. A very cherished moment indeed.

At both establishments, we would jar up all of the preserves that were included on the menu for our guests to take home. One of the most popular condiments is my Banana Chutney. This Chutney has a 20 year life of its’ own; even making it on to a Brisbane Food publication’s Bucket List and being called “Of National Importance” by a well known food blogger. As a consequence of its’ freakish popularity, we have launched a range of our favourite preserves. The “nims xx” range of products is currently stocked in our third cafe “The Jam Pantry” that we opened January 2015.

Here’s to dreaming big, succumbing to the call of what you do best and good food.