A Lesson from the Doughnut

Doughnuts are very “ on trend” at the moment. Little shops sporting everything from the simple glazed puffs of wonder, to ridiculously overdone morsels filled with the whole lollishop and a syringe of sweet nothings to squeeze in as an afterthought.

One of my favourite places of escape in West End has begun making them every morning and I must say, looking at Instagram photos of their version made me happy. They are glorious in their simplicity. Using Seasonal produce in the garnish or glaze. There are two problems for me here:
a. they’re sold in a heartbeat and
b. when my family and I sneak in for an early pre school brekky on our only day off, they haven’t been made yet.
So I live vicariously through the photos. I’ve taken to suggesting to the lovely girls from Plenty that they pop a batch in a bag for me and have them delivered in a taxi to The Jam Pantry so I don’t miss out. The missed doughnut banter had become quite de rigour for a while there and then like most things; you simply stop. You give in, it’s only a doughnut after all, not that big of a deal really. Really? No, not when people are desperate for real food and water, not frivolity.

I came to Plenty today with a head cold and my computer for an unheard of Friday escape. I’d quite forgotten about the doughnuts in my quest for blocked nose relief and the desperate hope that everyone working at my venue wouldn’t need or miss me, allowing me to hide with my soy latte and computer.

Then, a napkin and knife were set to the left of me. I still didn’t twig.
A strawberry glazed pillow of fried deliciousness arrived, centred on a serving platter for dramatic effect with a side of hugs. I felt overwhelmed and not just because of the doughnut. Don’t get me wrong. The doughnut was GLORIOUS. It was that feeling of being important enough that they remembered. It was the fact that in the midst of their busy morning they took the time. Most of all it was the reward for letting go. The donut came to me with extras at the perfect time, in the perfect way without my orchestration or input. I had the desire, I had the want, but resigned to the possibility of never having it and it was ok. The beautiful thing is I got the doughnut, but the extras far outweighed that puff of wonder in their deliciousness.
What’s your doughnut?

nims xx

Image used with permission from Plenty, West End.

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