A Gathrin Heart with Leisa Clark

Leisa Clark is a very Funky Nanna who is currently building Gathrin to be an online marketplace where you can rent or sell unique items services and spaces for Events. She’s busy gathering all sorts of unique, from a rustic farm hay shed as your venue to a vintage caravan bar, gorgeous turf upholstered milk crates and talented musicians. It’s all a little bit quirky, it’s mostly vintage and it’s definitely the work of a woman who doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “give up”.

Leisa graciously answered a few questions, giving us an insight into her journey towards fulfilling her vision for Gathrin.

Tell us what it is you do so well?
My two strengths and the two things that I absolutely love to do with my time are to create and encourage and inspire people. This is the reason Gathrin is so important to me as it’s bringing together the two things I love, creating and helping others in their creative journeys.

How did the fire get in your belly? What fed your Aha moment?
I gave up my respectable, reliable job as a midwife due to a back injury and rediscovered my passion for design and creating in my own start up Vintage Event Décor business, Quirky Comforts.  Whilst collaborating with other creative event businesses, I realised there were lots of us starting out and I wanted to create a community where we could learn and grow together. So my dream to create an online community marketplace , specific to events, began. The fire started to burn, and burn and burn. Just ask my poor husband who had to put up with my tears, moods and tantrums while dealing with web programmers, learning web programming myself and the never ending battle to get the online marketplace built.

Whats the one thing that keeps you awake at night on a juicy, creative level?
The constant improvement of Gathrin’s online platform to make it more relevant and user friendly for the event business and the end customer. Thinking of ways to continue to promote and push it out there. Taking risks with marketing is the main creative juice in my brain at the moment. The next challenge is getting creative event businesses to see the vision and get on board.

Tell us the most out of the box, lateral, no one said you could do it thing you did to solve a problem.
The biggest problem I had to overcome was actually getting the site built. I went to so many web programmers and coders and networked with every techie I could, to try and partner with them to build the site. It seemed every time someone would be keen and start the process, life would happen or it would be too much of a challenge and they would back out. So after a year of this I decided I had to could learn coding. I sat on my laptop day in and day out learning code (html, css, javascript and Ruby on Rails). 6 months later I came to the realisation that it was going to take me 10 years to learn what I need to learn to build the site I wanted, I thought I was coming to the end of the road.
Then the very next day I came across a crew of fabulous coders through the coding course I was doing.They had developed a site almost exactly to my requirements. So we began the process of getting Gathrin in its current format up and running.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Besides the normal “Mum” things, my whole day is spent in my lounge room where it’s warm, absolutely consumed by all things Gathrin on my chunky black laptop. I finally get to relax in bed at the end of a long day, with a good book. At the moment I’m reading “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy

What is your proudest moment?
My back injury forced me to step away from Midwifery. I dealt with the subsequent feelings of not being good enough and being a burden. The fact that I made it through those days and can now can help others who are going through the same makes me very proud. There is always hope even if you can’t see it. Life is a gift. Make the most of what gifts and talents God has given us. We need to take hold of every opportunity life throws our way, be grateful for what we have and always see the positives in every situation.

What Australians are tickling your fancy?
My oldest sister tickles my fancy. She lives her life every day making the most of every opportunity. She has always and continues to be my biggest inspiration. People who have learnt the art of being content in any situation are people who I admire. People who are not afraid of what others think, remaining humble and gracious with their time.

Where can we find you?
If you have something unique to offer go to http://www.gathrin.com and click on the “Post a new listing” button and away you go.  You can list as many items, skills, services or spaces as your hearts content. It’s free to join and free to list. You can also email me at hello@gathrin.com

Here’s to watching this amazing idea gather momentum.

Thanks Leisa,
nims xx

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