March 2016 archive


Rhubarb Pickle

Rhubarb is one of those things that you completely adore or you hate with a vengeance. I’m in the completely adore camp and would have a tub of stewed rhubarb permanently in my fridge if it grew all season. It’s probably best that it doesn’t because I find myself at the fridge at all hours, secretly spooning […] Read more…


Quinoa Congee

There are so many reasons we soak pulses and legumes. The most practical is a shorter cooking time. People say it releases a sugar found in the skin which in turn gives a softer result or that an enzyme that renders them indigestible can only be broken down on soaking. For others, it’s as simple […] Read more…


Our Basic Pancake Recipe

You’ve probably noticed that we LOVE pancakes at The Jam Pantry. Not ordinary run of the mill pancakes though. Each flip they’re laced with something, filled with something and covered in something else. There are no rules, except one. Maple syrup must ALWAYS be on the side Here’s our recipe scaled down for your own […] Read more…