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Sunday Roast recipe : Porcetta

Is there anything better than a good pork roast? That first bite (and every bite after) of perfectly roasted pork, the crunchy crackle you can hear cracking from a mile away and those delicious juices that make gravy so good you practically drown your spuds and beans in it. Well actually, there IS something better: […] Read more…

thai hoa feature

Thai Hoa: Spectacular Asian Groceries

Michael Nguyen from Thai Hoa Asian Groceries played host to The Jam Pantry kitchen team last Monday. It’s a monthly tradition that we’ve recently established to keep our creative juices flowing and learn about new produce to include in our flipping boards. He was a spectacular host with his knowledge and passion for his produce very evident, making him our latest […] Read more…


Ivy’s Choko

My Nanna was Ivy Maude Downes. I always thought her name was soft and she smelt of sweet peas and strawberries. She was mellifluous. The mind of an 8 year old is a funny thing. Nanna came from the era of scrimping and saving. An era where women had no voice, no vote, no welfare, […] Read more…